Popidiot "Talk To Me" SEKNET046

A: Hold My Hands (listen)
B: Hold My Hands (instrumental)

DOWNLOAD: Popidiot "Hold My Hands"

Lyrics by Matti Peura & Hendrik Luuk
Music by Matti Peura, Hendrik Luuk & Rein Fuks
Arranged & recorded by Popidiot at Seksound Studio, Tallinn
Mixed & mastered by Lauri Liivak at Forwards Studio, Tartu
Artwork by Kaarel Vahtramäe

Seksound 2014
Made in Estonia

WEB: www.popidiot.ee


Dear friends,

we are glad to announce that Imandra Lake "Seesamseesam" is now available on 180g black vinyl! It's limited to 300 copies!


- Imandra Lake "Ilus aeg" @ Terevisioon, ETV


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- Kieron Tyler

- Trash Can Dance

- Sirp


  On July 1st, Seksound relases the debut album “Kajalood” by Jan Helsing – the writer 
Jan Kaus and his friends, most of whom played together with him in a a former indie group
Dreamphish. Jan is responsible for all the lyrics on the album, the music is composed also
by Jan, Andres Soosaar (Picnic/Dreamphish), Helari Pluss (Morningrise) and
Arpo Vatsel (Dreamphish). The album was recorded during several two-to-three-day sessions
and produced by Margus "Wolfredt" Voolpriit (Pia Fraus, Dreampish). The vocal side is beautifully
handled by Kristi Kindel from Dallas, Kärt Ojavee from Pia Fraus, Kaidor Kahar from Pilvikud
and many others. “Kajalood” is a pure 90s indie explosion in 2014!
Jan Helsing presents their album already on July 5th in Kilingi-Nõmme’s indie-festival Schilling.
01. Hoia end
02. Sügis (video)
03. Sünnipäev (listen)
04. Asuur
05. Kajalood
06. Vihm/Emale
07. Suukeiser (listen)
08. Hommik
09. Tagasi
10. Bersek
11. Hea tuju keeldub lahkumast


Jan Helsing "Sünnipäev"

Seksound continues to celebrate his jubilee! Jan Helsing, who is releasing their album in July, is giving you a taste of it with a single “Sünnipäev” (“Birthday”) Music and lyrics is written by beloved estonian writer Jan Kaus, who is also the “art director” of the band. Pia Fraus’ lovely keyboard player Kärt Ojavee is making her singing debut with this song.


A: Sünnipäev (listen)
B: Sünnipäev (instrumental)

Music & lyrics by Jan Kaus
Recorded & mixed by Margus Voolpriit at Seksound Studio
Mastered by Lauri Liivak at Forwards Studio, Tartu
Artwork by Rele Liiv

Seksound 2014
Made in Estonia

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Popidiot "Talk To Me" SEKNET046

A: Talk To Me (listen)
B: Talk To Me (instrumental)

DOWNLOAD: Popidiot "Talk To Me"

Lyrics by Matti Peura & Hendrik Luuk
Music by Matti Peura, Hendrik Luuk & Rein Fuks
Arranged & recorded by Popidiot at Seksound Studio, Tallinn
Mixed & mastered by Lauri Liivak at Forwards Studio, Tartu
Artwork by Kaarel Vahtramäe

Seksound 2014
Made in Estonia

WEB: www.popidiot.ee


As their first release in the 10th-anniversary-celebrating 2014, Seksound is delighted to present the second album from the shoe-gazing Imandra Lake - “Avane”.
Listening to Imandra Lake makes one think, and see, Estonian scenery at a specific time of the day. This association may seem bizarre, at first, as theirs is not folk music; it’s indie, worldwide sounds.
The emerging picture is pretty precise - it is afternoon, when time slows down;            a moment in early spring or late autumn, when shadows and light share proportions and the sun lacks its summery harshness. The snow is partly melted, water partly iceless, the sky partly cloudy, as always. The horizon displays “moist shadow of the woods” as described by an Estonian poetess. It is the world and time when hues
between black and white dominate. And it makes you think - why stress something every Estonian rather dreads and loathes? But the black and white pictures tend to be sharper and lighter than the coloured ones. Clear and shadowy at the same time. Imandra Lake creates landscapes of clear tones, slow breathing and much space for all this. A space rich in nuance.
Imandra Lake’s “Avane” is a perfect album for those who love walks in slowly echoing soundscapes with repetitive patterns of faded straws and clear, far sounds of the nineties shoegaze.

01. Vöö (listen)
02. Metsatants (listen)
03. Aasal
04. Soovid soovid
05. Hall
06. Maa põleb (listen)
07. Püünis
08. Häbi ots
09. Kaks vööd
10. Öö puhkab

VIDEO: Imandra Lake "Hall" (Official Video)
BANDCAMP: Imandra Lake


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

We have prepared another Christmas miracle for you!

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Galaktlan "Remixed Memory".

Galaktlan's tracks were interpreted by Argo Vals, Imandra Lake, Wolfredt, Teisikud, Mikk Rebane, Ruxpin and Joel Tammik!




Download the album, print out the cover, fold, glue and enjoy the music!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Galaktlan "Teletorni romantika" SEKs043LP 7"


Seksound is proud to present first 7” by Galaktlan with previously unreleased song “Teletorni romantika”.

Indie music fans from Tallinn seem to find TV-tower really romantic place. This mood is perfectly captured by Estonian veteran electronic artist Galaktlan. You can imagine yourself into the icy sky above psychedelic coastal town, where you’re surrounded by Galaktlan’s misty synths, and from somewhere you’ll catch 60s sci-fi flick’s exotic theme song, even though it’s Galaktlan playing solo on his self-built synthesizer. On B-side you’ll find reworking of “Drongam”, track from Galaktlan’s recent album “Second Memory” (released on CD by Seksound). Seksound recording artist Wolfredt has turned it into post-rock bliss. Taavi Laatsit has been active in the Estonian electronic music scene for 15 years already. During that time, he has released 7 full length albums as a member of different groups (Uni, Kismabande, Kulgurid) and also as a solo artist (Galaktlan, Vonsuck). Additionally, he has composed music for exhibitions and art projects. Since 2004, he has also been composing music for films. “Teletorni romantika” is limited to 300 copies!



A.Teletorni romantika

B.Drongam (Wolfredt rmx)

LISTEN: Teletorni romantika